Bianca and I have worked together since March 2015. I know Bianca’s story well. Through her own lived experiences from an early age and into early adulthood, of a life that we wouldn’t want for our children and youth, Bianca has an insight into the world of our youth that can be achieved in no other way. Bianca has taken the courage to do the deep work necessary to become the person she has always aspired to be, the person she truly is. Bianca has great empathy for youth and adults alike. She is filled with compassion. She is able to respond and reflect with people in a way that touches them deeply. She is connected by her lived experiences. I wish her great love and all the very best with Urban Heart as we so need people like Bianca to connect with both youth and adults today.

Josie Coco - Gestalt Therapist & Founder of Solutions beyond Strategies 

Working with Bianca Young has inspired positive change in every fibre of my existence. She has a gentleness that allows my vulnerability to be expressed without fear yet a stability that keeps me accountable, keeps me growing, keeps me showing up and continuously going deeper with my inner work. Her space is like coming home. There is much love, much humour, and a huge amount of acceptance. These are things that are not only conveyed by words. Her energy and her actions speak much louder.   Since sharing my first Kundalini series with Bianca I have felt incredibly aligned with the truth of who I am and I know there is no way of going backwards anymore. I feel an authentic ease and fluidity in my interactions and I’m no longer ashamed of the gory parts of myself.  I’m eternally grateful for this journey with Bianca that will be long and rich.

Nikita Rowan - Skin Therapist, Dermalogica

Like most I was fearing the unknown, walking into the space of Kundalini Dance was both exhilarating and terrifyingly confronting. Until, I met Bianca in the back of the dimly lit room illuminous in her warmth and love. From our first night dancing through till the last dance of the series, Bianca was sincere, comforting and supportive. Her soft guidance throughout our dancing was beautifully complimented with her ability to be raw with her own personal growth and sharing, allowing me to feel 100% safe and accepted to let myself open to its full potential.  We danced in the room and we danced in our lives once we left the room and Bianca was there every step of my journey, Kundalini would not be the same for me without Bianca as my guide.

Michelle Price - Mum of two - Business Owner.

I felt very free after the dance. I have always loved to dance but in the usual surroundings as in night clubs etc there is always such a judgemental atmosphere that I felt blocked to just let go. By myself at home I could let go better but still there was always other people's voices in my head saying that it's "not right " to dance that way. Simply because we were told by society how to move and look etc, to be "normal". This practice was very freeing, healing and inspiring to me to be around likeminded people that love to dance and express their feelings just like me. It was like a therapy and I could breath so much lighter after the dance and I can still feel it. Thank you for being amazing and bringing us together.

Jil Kaulbarsch - Brisbane

I feel reborn and full of energy. The Kundalini Dance series were very special to me.
Sometimes I hesitated to go because I was feeling sad or over anxious, but I remembered Bianca's words saying that we would be welcomed with any state of mind and at any place we were and it was the best thing I did. I always wanted to dance and always felt ashamed. In the group I felt welcomed in a safe space, where no one would judge me. I was accepted regardless if I was feeling vulnerable, if I screamed, cried, was making ugly or strange movements or even if my body needed me to stand still, as it sometimes did. Every week I'd leave there refreshed and empowered. Many times throughout the week I'd revisit these sensations and feelings reflected in my day to day life, in the way I walk, talk and express myself. Many thanks to Bianca and all the people who were part of this unforgettable group for me. You are very special human beings. 

Adriana Iskenderian - Brisbane

Dancing through the chakras with Bianca was a well anticipated event each week. The space held was so warm and inviting it provided a haven of safety and freedom to melt and immerse into. The playlists compiled an eclectic and broad spectrum array of contemporary music. All in all the 8 week experience created a deep exploration into subtle energetic realities within myself that was truly nourishing and life affirming.

Partick Grahvendy - Owner Uber Technology Services

Bianca is a natural healer. She brings authenticity to every dance and puts her whole heart and soul into every detail of what she brings to her dance space. Dancing with Bianca makes me feel seen, valued and connected. I found it a truly transforming experience to dance with her. Most importantly, her beats are banging!

Caitlin Chapman - Support Worker, Mental Health

I met Bianca in London while we were both working teaching children. During my time with her we formed an amazing friendship which started from my huge respect and fascination of Bianca's talent with the children she worked with and her openness and understanding of the human mind. 

Bianca has strived to gain a deep understanding of how human beings can develop more authentic self love which in turn allows them to love and accept others. In Bianca's company I always feel a peace as I know she has a deep understanding of how life affects the human soul. These life experiences together with her passion for inner peace makes her an amazing person to work with youth and adults alike teaching them self love and understanding. Something which I believe is in huge short supply in life. We are not all the same but we all offer something unique and finding that and developing that when you are young or older can be a huge struggle, Bianca is the perfect mentor for this and someone I dearly wished I could have had in my youth during my high school years.

Catherine Macaulay - Educator, London

Thank you so much for your beautiful New Years offering. It felt so loving, peaceful, uplifting, and magical. It was an incredible way to farewell 2018. Deep, personal, profound. You hold space so beautifully. With such presence, love and gentleness. The music was also amazing. Thank you for your beautiful, powerful gifts, and for sharing them with the world. I look forward to sharing the dance floor with you again.

Peta Hood - Photographer and Founder of Can't Stop Staring Photography

Bianca holds a sacred space for each individual to unwind and unfold on their own journey through dance. It’s a safe space to journey through your inner world and I recall just having an immense amount of fun. I felt supported dancing with Bianca and all my fellow dancers. I highly recommend anyone to give it a try and experience this wonderful journey with her.

Pasquale Heredia - Cameraman/Video Editor