Our sisterhood

Welcome to Urban Heart! 

You may have chosen this for yourself or your parents have chosen this for you, either way you are going to have fun that's without a doubt.  

I'd love to welcome you to the Urban Heart sisterhood and invite you to come play and create with us.

Let me set the scene...

Imagine an uber cool, girl guides for the modern girl, no selling biscuits, I promise! This is all about fun, creativity and exploration of a very different kind! A program that values growth within and connects you with other girls on this journey.

This space is solely for you to laugh, connect and grow in a world that its all too easy to lose sight of the small things. Take some time to breathe, create, slow down and go inward with us. 

A warm and welcoming space for you to feel safe and nurtured, to open up and be yourself with ease. To share your interests, explore new ones, build new friendships, contribute, receive, laugh and learn.

You can expect a non confrontational environment that encourages our differences. A wonderful place to belong and contribute your unique and beautiful self. An empowering space outside of school and home life where you can explore life skills and feel connected to other girls and role models in your community. 

Just waiting for you.

Urban Heart is a space that can be anything you wish it to be, you are the architect and you are the creator, I give you the tools and the space to create. I welcome you with open arms and  invite you to join our sisterhood, your community.

The workshops cover a variety of life topics. They are designed to give you extra guidance with navigating friendships, communication with others, confidence and developing your unique style, self care and creating a healthy mindset around stress and so much more!

Workshops run for 3 hours and are for 12 girls to keep them personalised and intimate. Bianca will guide and support you and Olive might make some guest appearances to give you all hugs because hugs are vital here, especially puppy ones!  

You can attend one workshop or as many as you like. Come and discover yourself, make friends and have some fun while learning. 

Life is about creating yourself!