Why your daughter ?

Why Urban Heart?

Would you like your daughter to connect, develop friendships and adult role models outside their family and school life, within a safe and nurturing environment? 

Is it time for your daughter to deepen the relationship with herself, grow as a young woman and develop their self worth outside of their role as a sister, a daughter or a student? 

Then you have found the right space for your daughter at Urban Heart and I am very happy you are here.

What is Urban Heart?

Urban Heart offers small, unique and powerful workshops for today’s teen girls covering life topics such as friendships, self image, self care and much more. When connecting them with other young girls and women in their community, they can further explore who they are as they embark on the journey of womanhood alongside their peers.


I empower and educate through self-love and self expression, self discovery, creativity and connection. I have them deeply explore the relationship with the self. This builds rock solid foundations for them to move through their years into adulthood.

I encourage them to explore who they are as a person, as a young woman and in turn discover their unique worth in a safe and encouraging environment and build confidence and social skills.


I generate wholeness for each young woman and regenerate community, sisterhood and the understanding that we are all connected which builds valuable support networks and life long friendships. 

I empower them to explore and learn essential life skills that will in turn steer them away from the growing amount of isolation and disconnection, suicide, depression and deteriorating mental health that is too often experienced in todays society. I build healthy mental, emotional and physical balance through empowerment so they feel a sense of connectedness and worth.

Me to you.

I understand is it extremely important to be a vital part of your child's journey not only as their mother or father, their friend, their role model and their confidante. I also know there also comes a time when a valuable role model outside of their family unit becomes very important in their journey into womanhood. 

I equally understand it is a very big decision when deciding who that person is and if they align with your beliefs and values as a person and as a parent. 

It is with my greatest honour and respect that I extend my heart, my life experience, my knowledge and my support to walk that path with your daughter and to watch her develop into a young woman here within the Urban Heart community.

Here she will connect and build deep connections with both her peers and the women around her.

I teach and guide with patience and understanding, I bring exceptional communication skills, ethics and values and bring love and compassion to all I do and believe. I value a healthy and balanced life of authenticity and above all I live and breathe a positive and healthy mind set. 

Urban Heart is my contribution to this world, my life purpose, my heart and my soul and I am humbled to share it with the young women in your lives. 

I look forward to walking this journey with both you and your daughter. 

Bianca Young, Founder of Urban Heart.