BLOOM - Dance Gatherings

BLOOM is a unique dance experience for today’s conscious good timer! BLOOM offers a regular sacred space to dance and share conscious connection together. Ritual is one of the greatest spiritual technologies of our time and allows us space to connect with ourselves and each other, heal our past and move forward in our chosen direction. Events such as these aim to anchor us and give us a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. So let's dance to break up those patterns, to forge forward with love, intention and growth. Dance to shake it up, break it up, and release all that is not love in your sphere. 

Intuitive Movement Taster

A taster evening for those new to Intuitive Movement. During our 2 hours together you will learn more about breath work used during the dance to travel deeply inward. This practise encourages breath, sound and movement to unlock and release held beliefs and patterns that play out in our daily lives. A safe place of discovery to cultivate self expression and foundational growth. No dance experience is required just a willingness to surrender and see where you go. This is suitable for those who have never danced before. It is for adults, both men and women.

7 Temples Intuitive Movement - 8 Week Series

The 7 Temples series is a sacred space to venture deeply into each chakra with written awareness and self ritual work each week to delve deep. For 8 weeks we focus on a different chakra and take a look at the patterns and beliefs associated with it. This is an intuitive dance, sound and breath practice for adults that balances both body and mind. A safe place of discovery where you can cultivate self expression and foundational growth. We end this transformational series with a gorgeous temple evening to celebrate you.  No dance experience is required, your body knows what to do if you leave your mind at the door.  For both men and women. Come and see whats possible!

One 2 One Movement Mentoring

Creative, inspiring and nurturing one to one mentoring for both adults and young people of all ages. Working together we create a unique program to journey deep within. This mentoring is unique to each individual depending on the results you want to see. All sessions are one to one offering a very personalised experience. We work together through areas of your life you feel you need growth. These sessions can include movement/dance in a private and safe space with personalised music, sound healing, energy work, deep reflective exercises, inner child and self love work and exploration around goals and planning for the  future you envision for yourself. These sessions are for adults and children.

Meditation in Motion - Children's Workshop - COMING JANUARY 2020

Creative movement for young people aged 8-16 years to explore the self  through creative movement, sound and meditative breathing. We journey together on a discovery of connection and belonging, we explore the benefits of movement and self expression. This practise builds connection, confidence, self awareness, a deep connection to our surroundings and is meditation in motion. You don't need to know how to dance, come and have fun with us! This workshop is a space for children only.