Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion combines the gentle teachings of expressive, creative movement, meditative breath work and community gathering.  


No one invented dance. Rhythm is in our very body, our heartbeat. Dance is the pulse of life. Dance has been used in every culture to restore joy and stability in turbulent times and provides children with a fun way to release tensions and frustrations around school life and becoming an adult.   

Children are provided with a safe and judgement free space to physically express themselves which holistically addresses their struggles and desires. They are encouraged to reflect on their relationships, their feelings and ideas about their life and the direction they wish to create for themselves.   

Our culture has developed the persistent myth that academia is superior to artful expression leaving people to believe arts are reserved for the exceptional and talented. We don’t teach math for the sole purpose of creating mathematicians and we don’t teach English to create novelists. We teach these things to create well rounded, functioning members of society and understanding our own body is fundamental in this development.   

This practice improves social and community relationships by creating groups with gender and age diversity, allowing collaboration for children to learn movement and empathy from many types of people. Engaging in free movement practices also provides a fun platform for children to learn fun, healthy physical movement and breathing practices to take into their adult life.   

These unique and powerful workshops empower and educate children to be curious about their own self expression, ultimately encouraging a strong sense of self worth, acceptance and love. It is my purpose and passion to facilitate children in building rock solid foundations for them to progress into adulthood with a deep sense of self awareness, confidence and purpose.

Suitable for children aged 8 - 16 years of age, both boys and girls.

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For children ages 8 -16 years old. 

What a fun way to connect with peers and gain self awareness. Book your child in today and have them join us for a fun, expressive movement workshop! 

First workshop to be held in 2020. 

Bianca and I have worked together since March 2015. I know Bianca’s story well. Through her own lived experiences from an early age and into early adulthood, of a life that we wouldn’t want for our children and youth, Bianca has an insight into the world of our youth that can be achieved in no other way. Bianca has taken the courage to do the deep work necessary to become the person she has always aspired to be, the person she truly is. Bianca has great empathy for youth and adults alike. She is filled with compassion. She is able to respond and reflect with people in a way that touches them deeply. She is connected by her lived experiences. I wish her great love and all the very best with Urban Heart as we so need people like Bianca to connect with both youth and adults today.

Josie Coco - Gestalt Therapist & Founder of Solutions beyond Strategies