Kundalini Movement

So.... you have heard the buzz words. You’ve read about people’s “awakenings”... and all the downloadable, stretchable, readable, edible and apparently achievable spiritual practices to get you there. So I will keep this simple. Intuitive Movement is the integration of free movement, sound, breath and energy. It’s purpose is to awaken, transform, purify and encourage spiritual activation and is accessible to anyone no matter what stage of life they might be in. Its also a hell of a lot of fun, an amazing release and a new way to connect with community. 

I invite you to join me on the dance floor. Experience all that will be unique to you and journey within. There is a lifetime of patterns and beliefs that have been governing your life. You can shed what’s holding you back. Let go. Forget the past, reclaim the future and be present in this moment. Dance your way to freedom.

What are chakras?

The word ‘Chakra’ describes the seven major energetic locations in the human body. These locations energetically connect our body, connect us to the spiritual plane, and connect us to ourselves. Each chakra encompasses part of the body’s organs, particular emotions and desires.   

Healthy chakras create an energetic environment for optimal physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity. These locations draw and absorb energy and integrate it with our body and mind. They are the filtration system that process energy from the gross, physical plane and refine it into the spiritual plane - which connects us all to the source of life. 

We are all connected to this, but this connection needs awakening and constant strengthening to reach greater levels of vitality and bliss. This vortex of moving energy stimulates the related endocrine organs in the body to release hormones into our blood stream. As our hormones deeply affect our entire body and state of mind, keeping this process functioning optimally is in our best interest.   

When we explore the chakras in our journey, we create the space and the chemistry in ourselves for deep healing, psychological development and alignment. As we journey from the root chakra (at the base of the spine) to the crown chakra (top of our head) we discover the ideas, beliefs, attitudes and patterns that have formed who we are and dictate how we design our lives.   

We step into owning the responsibility for our lives by transforming our energy levels and having control over our reactions. Our lives become more intentional and focused. Our knowing of our life path can reveal itself as we become aligned, deeply connected and willing to fulfil ourselves. We recognise our gifts and talents, and compassion and love becomes firmly established within us.

Kundalini energy explained 

Kundalini refers to a fundamental energy within us all that creates the phenomena that brings our physicality into conscious life. It is an energy that exists intrinsically in us, as well as separate from our sense of self. Kundalini practices have existed for thousands of years but unfortunately many of these practices and experiences have been lost due to cultural differences, social changes and oversight.

Thankfully our modern culture is relearning the practice and many teachings are being explored and offered. Kundalini can be both stored and cultivated within us to increase our vitality and connectedness to everything around us. To truly understand and use it to create a better existence, it must be activated and strengthened. Becoming aware of our energy is much of the work. Exploring your own Kundalini energy is completely safe and natural.  

Kundalini energy work has profound effects on self development and can encourage positive acceleration in many areas of your life. To invigorate our Kundalini, we focus on dynamic breath work and creative impulsive movement. This encourages energy to rise through subtle energy pathways and push energetic blockages, stored trauma and patterns to the surface.  Cultivating Kundalini energy will often increase our physical and mental energy and draw your attention to the chakra that is being investigated.    

As Kundalini pushes information to the surface it allows you to see yourself from a detached and curious perspective, giving you the power and ability to bring yourself into alignment. It shines light on the emotional wounds and repeated patterns you’ve kept yourself limited for. Kundalini isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It is not always easy and it is not always comfortable. No true growth is. With that in mind, I can guarantee you that our experience will be wholesome and transformative. 

It may at times be hard, but it will undoubtedly be fun.  


Let’s dance!

8 Week Series in February!

Sunday the 26th April and ends on Sunday the 14th June 2020.

Sunday evenings 6pm - 8pm

26th April - Root chakra 

Muladhara, Earth  

3rd May - Sacral chakra 

Svadhisthana - Water. 

10th May - Solar Plexus chakra 

Manipura - Fire 


17th May - Heart chakra

Anahata - Air


24th May - Throat chakra  - Vissudha - Sound.

31st May - Third eye chakra 

Ajna - Light. 

7th June - Crown chakra 

Sahasrara -Thought.  

14th June - Temple celebration/Cacao ceremony.


I feel reborn and full of energy. The Kundalini Dance series was very special to me. Sometimes I hesitated to go because I was feeling sad or over anxious, but I remembered Bianca's words saying that we would be welcomed with any state of mind and at any place we were and it was the best thing I did. I always wanted to dance and always felt ashamed. In the group I felt welcomed in a safe space, where no one would judge me. I was accepted regardless if I was feeling vulnerable, if I screamed, cried, was making ugly or strange movements or even if my body needed me to stand still, as it sometimes did. Every week I'd leave there refreshed and empowered. Many times throughout the week I'd revisit these sensations and feelings reflected in my day to day life, in the way I walk, talk and express myself. Many thanks to Bianca and all the people who were part of this unforgettable group for me. You are very special human beings. 

Adriana Iskenderian - Brisbane