Guest Teachers

Rachel Therese

Meditation Teacher.  

I am a mother, coach, meditator, educator & life long learner. Passionate about mindful living, eating real, nutrient dense food, sustainable choices, supporting local & taking responsibility for my own health & wellbeing. 

​ I am currently studying meditation teacher training with Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute (YIMI) with the ever inspiring Celia Roberts and following the path to become a certified instructor of MBSR/MBCT.

In addition to my years of life experience, travelling & working exciting various jobs then becoming a Mumma to two incredibly beautiful children, I have chosen to follow my passions & study with some extremely talented, generous & motivating people along the way.

I have spent the past 2 years working as a Health Coach at My Life My Health Integrative Medical Practice, alongside some of Brisbane’s best integrative practitioners; Des Harp & Dr Catherine Bartholomew, on the renowned Wickham Terrace, Dr. Sarah Lantz and master brewer Jason Callender.

I have also studied with the the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, to become a certified integrative health coach. My lecturers were a collection of the worlds best authorities in the field of integrative health.

​All of my experiences have led me to where I am today which is an incredibly wonderful place, in a breath taking part of the world; the small town of Agnes Water, Queensland. 

 I am so excited to be sharing the journey of mindfulness meditation with Bianca Young and the teens at Urban Heart.

Kim Shillitoe

Yoga Teacher. 

I was first drawn to yoga in my late teens, intrigued and unaware of just how important the practice would become for me. A decade later, my yoga practice had deepened, become a daily ritual, and seeped off my mat and into my life. A safe haven in times of challenge, turmoil, transformation and growth; yoga for me is also a source of great joy, playfulness, love and ease. As my practice has grown, I have found greater connection with my breath and my body, and realised the power in surrendering, in letting go and finding the strength within softness.

Stepping on to the mat allows me to find space in both my body and mind, whilst cultivating awareness, and allows me to slow down and be present, completely in the moment, connected and whole.

Discovering the delights and support that yoga offers physically, mentally and spiritually is an absolute blessing, and my desire to share these experiences with others led me to complete my Yoga Teacher Training with my teacher Martin Collyer.


Specialising in alignment-based vinyasa, I love to move with the breath, to test the edges of expansion whilst honouring the softer, introspective contractions. I believe yoga is for everyone, no matter what your story, your experience, your physical capabilities or emotional state.   

I aim to support students to feel empowered by reconnecting with their bodies and breath, to feel what it is they need to feel at any moment, and know that they are supported and safe to do so. I am excited to be sharing my teaching with young people and look forward to our time on the mat together.