Finer Details

Blue card & Yellow card

Urban Heart team members hold current and valid suitability cards with the QLD Government. The safety of all children within our community is taken very seriously.

Conduct of care

Conduct of care is of our highest importance. We take all precautions while you are on the premises and while participating in our workshops. Bianca Young has held a current Senior First Aid Certificate for 18 years and leads all events. 


All information including details of participants and families who attend workshops is kept completely confidential. All information discussed in any mentoring work you participate in is also completely confidential, the space is a safe and sacred environment at all times and you have the guarantee your privacy is respected at all times.  

Public Liability Insurance

Urban Heart holds Public Liability Insurance through AAMI and the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Urban Jungle and Soul Space are also covered by Public Liability Insurance for any incidences that could occur on the premises where workshops, series and 1:1 sessions are held.

Refunds and transfers

Urban Heart workshops are non refundable once booked as you can appreciate we are a small business. Workshops, series and sessions can be transferred once to a future workshop. We do appreciate things happen and you may sometimes be unable to attend.  

Safety of Expression

Urban Heart creates a safe and nurturing environment free from discrimination of any kind. We stand for equal opportunity and for everyone having the freedom to express them self safely and without judgement. We have a no tolerance for discrimination of any kind.