About Bianca

Hello, my name is Bianca and I am honoured your journey has led you here, welcome to Urban Heart.

My purpose is to guide and inspire within a supportive and encouraging environment. Creativity, community and connection are of my highest values. I am a passionate self-love activist, a mentor, an educator, a dreamer and a respected leader within my community.


I live in Brisbane with my best friend, a little black and tan Dachshund Olive, who also goes by the name Lollie.

I have travelled extensively but have found home in Brisbane with it's sufficient quirky culture, beautiful skyline and fabulous people. 

I love tea, photography, reading books, dancing and wandering on foot or bicycle. 

My background spans 20 years in Early Childhood Education and Special Needs, Social Work and Leadership.  

It has been an extraordinarily rewarding path and I feel fortunate to have been a valuable part of not only the educational journey but most importantly the social and emotional development of many young people.

I hold both a Diploma and Bachelor Degree and more recently studied with Amanda Rootsey at the Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training Academy.


I have spent many years mentoring and supporting both teens and adults within my community. I have guided them to envision their goals and take action around executing them within a supportive and encouraging environment. This includes my work with The Smith Family as a teen mentor and Queensland Support Ambassador for the Australia Alopecia Foundation.  

I am currently training with Leyolah Antara in Kundalini Dance which is a wonderful form of medicinal movement practice for both men and women.

I have walked a multi coloured and incredibly challenging path to land where I am in this moment and I wouldn’t change a single thing! 

I believe we grow through challenge and expand through experience. I also believe we are here on the greatest journey, to know ourselves deeply and to feel comfortable in the skin we are in.

Through a lifetime of self-discovery, I bring a wealth of hands on life experience to my work. 

I lead with patience and understanding and a kind heart. I instil skills and a lifetime ability to self lead, yet support with a reassuring hand to hold. 

People, their journey and self love are my deepest values, it’s that simple. 

I’m humbly honoured to be a part of that journey in someone’s life. Once you accept who you are, you become undeniable to yourself and to those you meet. 

May the journey together begin!