1:1 Movement Journey


Spiritual work is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity for humanity to make our next collective evolutionary leap. Taking the time for our personal spiritual evolution has never been so crucial.

Welcome to the space transformation is born! This is self expression. This is creativity. This is an exploration of a very different kind. When you lift the expectations of your life, what are you really yearning for? 

How connected are you to your soul potential?   

I create the space for you to feel safe and nurtured. To shed your layers and be yourself. To explore what you truly need and how to get it.   

We will work one to one and design your journey specific to your needs and what you need to achieve  using personalised music and dance therapy, energy work, emotional anatomy and emotional release. 

  You can expect an environment that encourages your depth and curiosity to discover who you are when all the emotional patterns and beliefs are removed. You are the architect and creator. I will give you the tools and welcome you with open arms, keeping you accountable on your way. 


You will explore your relationships, your communication and self care and create healthy practices to stabilise your life and career, improving your self worth. You will work alongside your inner child - rewriting stagnant beliefs and patterns that have been running your daily lives without your consent.  


I work and guide you with exceptional, frequent communication, patience and understanding. 

Above all I value a healthy and balanced life of authenticity and I will hold you accountable to your self work at all times. It is important to energetically resonate with anyone you allow into yourself. If you feel called to work with me, I extend my heart, my life experiences, my knowledge and my support to walk a path with you.  

I will never be able to tell you any truth that you don’t already know deep within yourself. I will walk with you, guide you and remind you of what you have hidden there.

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Start your journey of self discovery today. Book in for a unique journey. Get the results you are looking for and shift the beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back from living your full potential. 

Please get in touch to book. Sessions both mobile and local based space in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. 

Like most I was fearing the unknown, walking into the space of Kundalini Dance was both exhilarating and terrifyingly confronting. Until, I met Bianca in the back of the dimly lit room illuminous in her warmth and love. From our first night dancing through till the last dance of the series, Bianca was sincere, comforting and supportive. Her soft guidance throughout our dancing was beautifully complimented with her ability to be raw with her own personal growth and sharing, allowing me to feel 100% safe and accepted to let myself open to its full potential.  We danced in the room and we danced in our lives once we left the room and Bianca was there every step of my journey, Kundalini would not be the same for me without Bianca as my guide.

Michelle Price - Mum of two - Business Owner.